Teeth Whitening Trays

Have you ever wondered why your friends are going crazy over products and methods that promise to whiten teeth? They are not crazy, they might just have read studies showing that a quarter of the populace believe that a person with a great smile will be the most likely to succeed in career and be socially stable. The same research showed that 99% are convinced that to become more appealing to the members of the opposite sex, you must have that unrivalled smile. And what could give you that pleasant smile, but a whiter set of teeth.

There are many culprits that make the teeth yellowish or discolored. Chemicals from tobacco cigars, tea and coffee are proven to have immense staining capabilities. Sweets and sugary food also are runners up, as these cause tooth decay and plaque.

Tooth whitening falls under the category of dental cosmetology. As a remedy to discolored teeth, dental professionals have formulated products and methodologies. One of the most popular of these techniques is teeth whitening trays.

Teeth whitening comparison tables will show you that teeth whitening trays are very promising and very strong contenders when talking about bleaching methods.

To help you determine if this product is really for you, here are some FAQs on teeth whitening trays:

Q: How do teeth whitening trays work?
A: High concentration of bleaching agents like hydrogen peroxide contained in gels are guarded by trays. The application trays should be well-fitted with your teeth. Normally, the dentist will create this tray for you according to your bite and teeth formation. Now, if you purchase whitening trays over the counter this might be a challenge. A tray should stay on teeth for 15-30 minutes. Thereafter, dramatic results might be observed.

Q: What are the side effects of whitening trays?
A: Common effects reported using this method are minor gum irritation and tooth sensitivity.

Q: How much do these trays cost?
A: Because they are custom fitted and specifically made by the dentist for you, it may snatch $300 to $2000 out of your pocket. Quite expensive, but they produce good results instantly. The cost may still vary depending on the professional performing the technique and area or city where you will have the procedure.


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